Teachers, Obstacles and Challenges of Writing

Writing? Yes this may often be a question back when we should have when writing or Call us to write that. Not a few of us have not even begin to imagine the difficulty is to write. Writing is more difficult to speak of, but not a few people that are easy to reveal the contents of the mind and heart to write but difficult to reveal with lisannya. However, the general complaint that the writing already seems to be difficult public recognition.

Difficulty in writing a lot of obstacles perch in ourselves, even for those who work as educators or teachers, even teachers who have been declared to be professional teachers who have been with the professionalism of the educators, in which to write, especially in preparing the paper as one of the main indicators of professionalism a teacher.

Opportunities and Challenges

Recognized the ability to write because there are owned in the talent flow in a person, but not less oppugn not solely because of talent, someone able to prepare a paper. But there were other factors that are stronger than just talent to be able to become someone who can write.
When an author has a great opportunity to become a profession and as a means of increasing income. Even the author is a profession that had not dry, the opportunity to work with the author always be wide open throughout the period. Especially in the era of the present time, almost every time the media present a new publication, both print and electronic information technology, including with it. Writers awaited you with the rewards of his work is not small.
Being the author is also very compatible with the long time to work free from the management structure of feel mungkit binding. Sitting at home can feel him getting work without supervision from the boss which is the burden of mental illness during the work. However, the papers continue to be written down as a result of hard work. Even when his work was published as a book, an article in the mass media and other forms, the names of its rebound, he was not uncommon to be a vessel that famous celebrities.

Teachers and Writing

How about a teacher? Now this question of us, writing for teachers at this time is still the goods that are difficult to obtain, not a few teachers who complained susahnya to write. Although the various parties, especially the government has menggelontorkan regulations and legislation to raise the teachers' passion to write, not even a little competition event with prizes reward big enough scheduled regularly. However, interest for the direction that has not increased as expected.
Ability even when the paper was prepared for the requirement of professional status of teachers, but this is not fully get the tit for tat. Not a bit of training, workshops and seminars to improve the quality of education with the main agenda of the scientific papers and was followed by the teachers, but only the spirit of writing temperamental at that time only. The reality when dealing with the action of writing very few exist and most of the rest terjungkal.
Here the author really is not any person has been able to meet expectations, as above, but from the experience of writing and write well and that only so terpublikasi private archives. The author still has a strong determination and a strong wish to write with your blog visitors, the readers to rise up to become professional teachers with the indicator rising sejati paper we. Let's learn-reflection.

Atasi Obstacles and Start Writing

According to experts, there are at least 3 major obstacle in starting the work with the writing, the internal barriers, technical barriers, and external barriers. But on this occasion the author only reveal internal obstacles first, because it is our main key. The internal constraints include:
Determination * the weak, atasi set with a strong intention for what we write, motivasikan that we can
* Scared, afraid to make mistakes, especially in writing, this fear will weaken our effort to start. Do not be afraid you start, do not be afraid and do not be afraid one of the works we be reproached.
* Lack of self confidence, because here we can compare our work with other people, especially the already well established. I believe we have the uniqueness and the uniqueness of people also liked.
* Lazy, Keep writing this because it needs data, it takes ideas and other support needs, that it all takes hard work.
* Do not want to learn, this barrier will be diligent as we write but we weak and narrow perspective this will cause difficulty to develop our ideas and writing mentok.
* Pending Jobs, if there is a determination immediately before it began to fade and the spirit of the work into another obstacle.
* Drape themselves in the mood, mood is important to support our spirit and performance, but a mood to continue writing a wish is something that should work so that we wake up soon and we can continue to create.
======= Guru adalah Jabatan Profesional, Mengemban dan Melaksanakannya adalah Pengabdian kepada Allah SWT, Bangsa dan Negara, serta Generasi Penerus Bangsa======